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In a Workout Slump? 2 Easy Ways to Get Motivated


Motivational strategies for overcoming a workout slump, illustrated with engaging fitness imagery.

Finding it hard to stick to your workout routine? Losing motivation to exercise at home? Here are a couple of ideas to get you back in the groove:

Use a digital device to track your steps and set a daily goal.

Whether it’s an Apple watch, a FitBit, or an app on your phone, there are a lot of ways to count your steps. Set a daily steps goal, write it down, and post it somewhere visible. You just might find yourself getting up and moving more often.

Set up a “family challenge” and get everyone in your house involved!

It can be as simple as creating a chart with each family member’s name. You get a sticker for every 30 minutes of exercise you do. At the end of the month, anyone with 20 stickers gets a reward. (Think non-food rewards to reinforce the healthy habits you’re trying to establish.)


Healthy Late Night Snacks

Assorted healthy late-night snack options presented attractively.

We all have those days. You’re about to go to bed, but you just can’t ignore that pang in your stomach. It’s 10pm. What can you eat that will satisfy you until morning, but not wreck your diet or keep you awake?

Here are a few healthy late-night snacking options:

Apple with nut butter – Dipping apple slices in a tablespoon of a natural nut butter provides a good combination of fiber and healthy fat that will keep you satisfied until breakfast.

Handful of almonds – The fiber and protein in almonds is filling, and some suggest that the magnesium in almonds may actually help you fall asleep.

Eggs – A hard-boiled egg is an easy, protein-packed snack to grab late at night.

Oats – We typically think of oats as a breakfast food, but it’s a great choice at night. The complex carbs will break down slowly and help regulate your blood sugar. Cook up some oats with your favorite milk–a warm bowl will get you in a cozy, ready-for-bed state.


Low Impact Exercises for Achy Joints

People engaging in various low-impact exercises suitable for joint pain relief.

When your joints hurt, the last thing you feel like doing is exercising. But, often, it’s one of the best things you can do. Strengthening your muscles provides stability around your joints and moderate exercise can actually help lessen your pain. In addition, maintaining a healthy weight and getting enough sleep are important in managing joint pain – two things exercise can help with.

Five of the best low impact exercises for those with joint and arthritis pain are: swimming, water aerobics, walking, cycling, and using an elliptical machine.

Remember, you’re not looking to be an Olympic-level athlete. Take it slow and focus on getting several days of moderate, low-impact exercise in each week. Your joints will thank you.

You may also find relief with a chiropractic adjustment. Give our office a call and we’d be happy to get your next appointment scheduled.

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