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Chiropractic Care and Sciatica: How a Chiropractor Can Help?

Scoliosis affects the way your body moves and can cause severe pain. It most often occurs in the lower back, but may also be found in the neck, shoulders, or hips. Sciatica is a type of scoliosis that causes pain along one leg due to pressure on nerves in the spine caused by herniated discs […]

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Different Ways Chiropractic Treatment Can Prevent Back Spasms

Chronic back spasms can be painful and affect your overall quality of life, and there are several causes that you need to know and how chiropractors can help you find relief. If you're experiencing severe muscle spasms on your back lasting more than a few days, consult a chiropractor for immediate assessment.  When most people […]

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Wrist Pain, Is It Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Every Time?

Wrist pain can be a real nuisance, it can keep you awake at night and disrupt your life. It is important to know the difference between wrist pain that comes from conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and other types of wrist pain, because they are treated differently. For individuals experiencing pain in their fingers, carpal […]

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Breathing Exercises: How Can It Help Ease Back and Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder and back pain can be debilitating, having a severe impact on every aspect of most people's lives. If you experience anything between the two, you've likely tried several medications and treatments to improve your condition—and one thing you haven't probably thought of is breathing exercises. Yes, breathing exercises can help with back and shoulder […]

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Best Home Remedies for Whiplash Pain

Whiplash is a form of neck injury that can be caused by an accident or sudden movement. When whiplash occurs, the muscles and ligaments in your neck may become strained, injured, or over-extended. This causes pain in the area surrounding your neck. The severity of this pain varies from person to person but usually goes […]

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Pediatric Chiropractic Care Really Does Help Your Kids!

Pediatric chiropractic is safe and effective for your child. Chiropractic care will help improve sleep, boost brain development, immunity, and the nervous system. Children learn through discovery and explorations, including falling, tumbling, or the occasionally accidental concussions that throw parents at a state of panic and distress. Parents would probably child-proof their homes to minimize […]

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Chiropractors And Sciatica: Say Goodbye To Pain

If you are feeling some pain that starts from your lower back that goes all the way down through the thigh and the leg or sometimes even down through the foot or the toes, chances are you are experiencing a condition known as sciatica. This pain that is felt in the lower back and downwards […]

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Chiropractic Pediatrics: What Conditions are Treated

Chiropractors have been providing relief to various conditions for years, in a way that it is both natural and safe. They are known as the best people for back problems because of their focus on spinal health. Chiropractors work by "adjusting" or manipulating vertebrae of the spine to release pressure on nerves so they can […]

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How the Feet, Knees and Hips Affect the Low Back

Because every part of the body is connected with each other, when one part is injured or has an issue, other parts get affected as well. In the same way, when there is pain in one area, it does not really necessarily mean that it is actually the affected one but rather, it can be […]

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Vertigo Triggers: Know These to Prevent Attacks

Vertigo is commonly associated with fear of heights, but this is not really so as it is a different situation on its own. Rather than a condition, vertigo is more of a symptom where the person suffering from it would usually feel that they or their surroundings are spinning or moving. The experience of vertigo […]

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