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Chiropractor at Prime Health + Wellness Providing Specialized Care for Sciatica

Chiropractic is a therapy that can help those who suffer from sciatica. Sciatica refers to the irritation or compression of the spinal nerve roots in your low back that runs down each leg, ultimately connecting to your feet. It often occurs when there’s weakness in muscles supporting the spine. And it may be brought on by an injury or activity like lifting something heavy. 

The chiropractors at Prime Health + Wellness are experts at diagnosing and treating any underlying causes of sciatica. Dr. Zachary Langgle is the head chiropractor at Prime Health + Wellness. We incorporate several interventions for holistic chiropractic care.

What is Sciatica?

Illustration of Sciatica Condition Showing Nerve Compression in Lower Back Leading to Leg Pain

Sciatica is a common ailment that comes from the irritation of a sciatic nerve. The pain can range in severity. It may be caused by anything ranging from minor to major sources of discomfort. Sciatic pain usually occurs when there has been an increased compression on the lower spine. These likely cause symptoms, such as numbness or tingling sensations due to the tight compression of sciatic nerves against each other.

There are many misconceptions about the term sciatica and its relation to general back pain. In reality, sciatica is not just limited to one's lower back. It extends through both legs as well. The longest nerve in your body runs from the spine down each leg until it ends below your knee joint. Anyone who experiences any sort of injury or inflammation on this nerve will experience significant discomfort throughout their entire limb.

To diagnose the root of your sciatic pain, it is important to figure out which limbs are affected. Our chiropractic treatment focuses on correcting misaligned joints in both spine and other areas that may be contributing to improper alignment. Dr. Langgle conducts a comprehensive medical assessment and may require physical examinations. Then, he identifies the causes of the pain and determines the non-surgical intervention for you.

The symptoms of sciatica can be difficult to diagnose, and this is because there are many different types. One type has a more sudden onset which includes intense pain that makes it hard for someone to stand up or sit down without being in severe discomfort. The other factors involve the gradual onset where people experience throbbing sensations on one side of their lower back and increased mobility when they're sitting down but not standing up.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Sciatica

Chiropractic Treatment Focused on Sciatica Relief, with Chiropractor Adjusting Lower Back

Spinal adjustment is a specialized skill practiced by chiropractors. While techniques vary, the goal of spinal manipulation is to restore the misaligned vertebrae in your spine and return you to normal alignment as quickly as possible. In most cases of Prime Health + Wellness, chiropractic adjustments helped patients to address sciatic nerve pain.

Some of our patients experienced quick and effective relief of their sciatic pain when they receive adjustments for the spine. However, it is important to continue getting routine treatments until your body has settled into proper alignment. Continuous treatment lessens muscle contractions which may be hindering recovery from this condition. Practices such as deep tissue massage therapy or acupuncture can help expedite this process by promoting muscle relaxation and lessening a reflexive response that might contribute to any further injury during active movement.

Other Treatments for Sciatica by Prime Health + Wellness

Heat and Cold Therapy

Illustration of Heat and Cold Therapy Application on Body for Pain Relief and Inflammation Reduction

If you are suffering from sciatica and want to avoid medication, hot and cold pain relief therapy might be the treatment approach taken by chiropractors.

Chiropractic Exercises

Diverse Range of Chiropractic Exercises Demonstrated for Spinal Health and Posture Improvement

Dr. Langgle knows the best exercises for recovering from sciatica and strengthening your spine. Our chiropractors will diagnose you to see the condition before they start any treatment. Upon diagnosis, exercise routines might be a practical option to relieve sciatic pain. A proper stretching routine lessens the pressure on spinal discs to improve mobility. Besides, exercises are great natural ways to increase endorphins and activate our body’s own natural pain reliever system.


Counseling Session in Progress with Counselor and Client in a Comfortable, Supportive Environment

Poor postural habits, workplace practices, and strain on the back can often instigate back pain. In some cases, they can even impact your sciatic nerve. Dr. Langgle will help you develop healthy habits that look after your body to prevent future injury or unnecessary pain, too.

Get To Know Dr. Langgle

Dr. Langgle graduated from Palmer College. He believes in holistic care and wants his patients to feel great. He also leads them to a healthier life through chiropractic care and promoting lifestyle changes.

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