Chiropractic Care

Techniques and Methods

We provide the most effective approaches to reduce nervous system interference for your optimal health and wellness. You can be confident that we use a variety of methods based on years of clinical practice and analysis.

The primary chiropractic techniques we use include: 

Activator Methods®

It’s a method consisting of a system of spinal evaluation using a manual hand-held adjusting instrument delivering consistent and low-force thrusts to fix misalignments. 

Active Release®

Most muscle-related conditions like athletic injuries often respond faster and permanently with this soft tissue technique, offering pain-relief long-term. 


After a chiropractor identifies which vertebra has lost its normal range of motion or position, they’ll apply a specific manual thrust to free any stuck spinal joints—bringing back optimal range of motion. 


Although many health issues are related to the spine, chiropractors can also help ease problems related to the wrists, elbows, knees, shoulders, and other joints. 

Myofascial Release

Chiropractors will locate tender areas across the body, where the muscles and connective tissues produce pain and restrict movements while gently releasing it, easing muscle tightness and soreness with ease. 

Intersegmental Traction

Chiropractors gently add motion to each vertebral joint, increase circulation, reduce scar tissue, and improve the efficiency of spinal adjustments. 

Trigger Point

This method involves applying direct pressure and stretches to the affected muscles, reducing the recurrence of muscle spasms while flushing out blood and toxins accumulated over time.  

Back or neck pain can be debilitating, but with chiropractic adjustments from Prime Health and Wellness in Downers Grove and Lisle, there’s no need to suffer any longer. 

After just a few visits, you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed and rejuvenated—all while reducing your likelihood of experiencing back problems later on. So call today for the services that will help you attain an adjustment like none other.