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The Active Release Technique

About Active Release Technique®
Active release technique is one of the most effective ways to treat injuries here at Prime Health + Wellness. The process starts by identifying and targeting affected areas, followed by breaking up scar tissue to promote better blood flow and faster healing.
Let’s See What The Problem Is
Athletes of any kind typically suffer from injuries that generally respond well to this approach. Our chiropractors will use their hands to evaluate the texture, movement, tightness of the musculoskeletal system.

If they discover scar tissues, they’ll be able to feel it since it prevents soft tissues from moving correctly, causing reduced range of motion, strength loss, and pain.
Choosing the Protocols
Do you suffer from back pain? Let us help! When patients are diagnosed with spinal issues, we will choose from over 500 specific protocols to provide the most suitable treatment plan.

Our chiropractors will apply precise amounts of pressure around the injury. This helps them determine what is causing your pain, and how to treat it. We also instruct the patient to move and bend around to correct the spine.

Active release technique has been reported to provide “excellent” results within the neuromuscular system, relieving pain from the muscles, tendons, ligaments to the fascia.
Other Conditions Active Release Can Treat
That’s right, Active Release Technique can help resolve several common health complaints related to spinal misalignments or subluxations. For example, it may be just what you need to get out of pain from a chronic muscle strain.

Active release technique is a type of hands-on therapy that can help with various problems in the body. One way this treatment works is by resolving spinal misalignments and subluxations. You might be surprised at how often these issues are overlooked and left untreated, but they could lead to other more serious complications if not taken care of promptly!
Headaches – Spinal misalignment can irritate the nerves traveling through the spine on their way to the head, causing severe headaches.
Back Pain – Subluxations can place excess pressure on the spinal column, resulting in back pain.
Shin Splints – Misalignment in the hip, spine, or ankle causes shin splints—all connected to the spine.
Sciatica – A misalignment in the spine’s upper cervical area can cause the entire spinal column to compensate overtime.
Plantar Fasciitis – Ankle misalignment can lead to this.
Shoulder Pain – When the cervical vertebra gets compressed or injured, the nerves going to the shoulder will get irritated, causing pain.
Active release technique is a proven and effective soft tissue system that helps resolve muscle-related conditions quickly and permanently.