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Trigger Point Therapy

The concept of trigger point therapy is not new. In fact, it has been used in a variety of fields for over 150 years. However, recently there have been several advances in the research and clinical applications involving this form of treatment; particularly with how they are used during chiropractic care.
Trigger Points: What Are They?
A trigger point is a small, tight knot in muscle fibers. They are often caused by stress or trauma to the tissue and can be hard to reach because they may get trapped inside the muscle.

Trigger points can be found anywhere there is muscle tension such as the back, neck and shoulders. Trigger points tend to be caused by repetitive motions and have been known to contribute to pain even though they don’t necessarily cause it themselves.

These trigger points usually feel like pea-sized bumps just below the surface of skin that you might not notice until you rub against them with something blunt enough like the end of your fingernail which will make them pop up into little marble sized bumps.

They may get trapped at times inside the muscle from emotional, chemical, and physical stress, leading it to bundle up and form a trigger point. These are often tender and painful, and as the affected muscles tighten, motion, strength, and flexibility become restricted, resulting in pain, weakness, and limited movement.
The Therapy
At Prime Health + Wellness, Trigger point therapy can be performed in multiple ways, with the least invasive one is where chiropractors apply direct pressure or carefully stretch any affected muscles. The deliberate pressure placed with a thumb, elbow, or hand instrument can release the muscle, flushing out blood and toxins. All in all, this approach is an all-natural way to relax muscles while restoring flexibility and strength.

Trigger points can feel like small marbles and knots under your skin, which can be uncomfortable. However, generally, pressing on these shouldn’t generate any pain or discomfort. But sometimes, chiropractors can discover trigger points becoming sensitive, resulting in immense pain when pressed. Therapy can help identify these as safe as possible.
Long Term Relief
Prime Health and Wellness offers Trigger point therapy which can help reduce pain due to hypersensitive muscles.

Chiropractors locate trigger points by gently pressing on the patient’s skin surface, carefully feeling the texture of their underlying muscles. Besides identifying the affected areas, applying constant pressure using thumbs, elbows, or hand instruments helps muscles relax—reducing the overall pain.