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How the Feet, Knees and Hips Affect the Low Back

Because every part of the body is connected with each other, when one part is injured or has an issue, other parts get affected as well. In the same way, when there is pain in one area, it does not really necessarily mean that it is actually the affected one but rather, it can be caused by another part.

Such that for example you are experiencing pain in the low back, the reason for it could be because there is something wrong with the other body parts such as the hips, feet, or the knees. If these are the potential causes for the pain in the low back, then it would be best to see a chiropractor so they can properly evaluate your condition and find out where the pain is really coming from.

Possible Reasons Why the Feet, Knees and Hips Affect the Low Back

Anatomical Illustration Showing the Connection Between Feet, Knees, Hips, and Low Back

If you are having low back pain, it would not be a surprise if the chiropractor would find that its source is coming from another part of the body such as the knees, hips and feet as each part is linked together. And since it is the spine holding the limbs as well as the spinal cord, if any of these gets injured or damaged, it will certainly have an effect on the other.

The network of nerves, tendons, and ligaments work closely together inside the body which is why when one has an issue, there will also be a reaction on the rest of the parts. This is the reason why when you feel pain in any part of your body, you should let a chiropractor assess the situation to know where the actual affected area is.

By knowing the source of pain and being able to treat it immediately, you are also saving the other associated parts from getting damaged. When you have concerns with your feet, the issue can travel all through the legs and may eventually reach the spine as well thus causing pain to the low back.

Another condition known as knock knees can transform the alignment of the whole body. When this happens, the body becomes disproportionate which then destabilizes the spine that will lead to the tilting of the pelvis to one direction. With this condition, the misalignment causes stress when the person is standing or walking and if not treated right away, it can cause pain in the low back.

It works the same way as well for the knees and the back. If you are feeling some knee pain, it may be due to a concern in the back and vice versa. For this reason, it is essential to further investigate when there is pain and this is where the chiropractor can certainly come in and help you.

Patient Consulting Chiropractor for Low Back and Knee Pain in a Clinical Setting

When you visit your chiropractor because of low back pain or knee pain, they will make sure to find out the real source of concern and will discuss them with you. After making a diagnosis, they can then be able to create a treatment plan that will also correct some other issues that are related to your condition.

Because the knees link the foot and also the spine, if you encounter any concern with your spine, it will most likely also affect the feet as well as the hips and the knees. Having low back pain can also contribute to a condition called tight hip flexor which involves muscle imbalance in the hip area.

If the muscles in the hip flexor become severely tight, the consequence is the experience of pelvic tilt in the anterior part. With this type of condition, the person’s posture is affected and the whole lower body becomes misaligned which then may also affect other parts such as the feet and the knees if not treated soon.

Some common causes of tight hip flexors are prolonged sitting or due to certain activities such as jogging or cycling. If you start having this issue, reach out to your chiropractor so they can recommend the proper exercises that can help relax the tightness in the muscles and ease the pain.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractor Demonstrating Treatment Techniques to Aid Patient's Recovery

When we experience pain, oftentimes what we might think of as the source is not really the issue but is merely a symptom of something. This is one of the reasons why going to a chiropractor is vital at the onset of a pain, for you to know what the real concern is and for the chiropractor to help you correct this concern as well as the related issues.

Chiropractors are not only there to assist you in relieving your pain in the feet, knees, hips, low back, etc., but they would do more than that because their goal is to enhance your life through a holistic approach to healing. Going to a chiropractor to resolve your experience of pain also means having a non- invasive treatment and one that is natural and without the use of any medication.

So when your back hurts, the cause can be your feet. This is why pain in the foot should never be neglected as it is usually the one responsible for other concerns in the body such as the hips, knees, or back.

Inside our body, all parts are closely connected with each other. It works like a chain, and so when one chain is broken, other parts get affected as well. If for example you have foot pain, be sure to ask your chiropractor to help you right away to prevent further damage to the other parts because when left untreated, it could affect the way you walk. When this happens, all the other bones will also be affected and the cartilage will eventually wear down as well as the tendons and the ligaments will feel the stress and can result in another condition.

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There is nothing worse than being in pain and having no one to help you. Thankfully, there are professionals out there who can fix your problems! You may think that the only people who see a chiropractor are those with back problems, but this isn't true! In fact, many people visit their chiropractor because of foot or ankle pain. The reason for this is that poor alignment in these areas can cause other parts of your body to feel discomfort. When it comes to hip pain or knee pain, the last thing you want to do is ignore them because not only will they cause more issues down the line but they'll make every day tasks even more difficult too! If you're suffering from any sort of chronic issue, don't wait for the pain to become unbearable.

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