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Pediatric Chiropractic Care Really Does Help Your Kids!

Pediatric chiropractic is safe and effective for your child. Chiropractic care will help improve sleep, boost brain development, immunity, and the nervous system.

Children learn through discovery and explorations, including falling, tumbling, or the occasionally accidental concussions that throw parents at a state of panic and distress. Parents would probably child-proof their homes to minimize accidents and trauma, but the exploratory and fearless confidence of a child can throw the sanity of any adult.

With this, constant visits to the general practitioner and chiropractors would be needed. But you may ask, "How safe is pediatric chiropractic?" If chiropractic care is safe for adults, it should be safe for children, right?

Chiropractic does have its benefits, but there are cautions that parents should know when bringing their child for chiropractic treatment. Generally, alternative treatment is better than medications to treat children and adults alike. However, special handling should be observed when administering chiropractic to children. Besides, alternative treatment should be done by a licensed and chiropractor who is knowledgeable and experienced in chiropractic for children.

What is pediatric chiropractic care? 

Chiropractor Performing Gentle Adjustment on a Child in a Pediatric Chiropractic Clinic

From the time your child starts to crawl, your child's body experiences a list of trauma physically and emotionally. The stage of exploration is met with constant falls and cries. Even though parents tried to child-proof every nook, corner, and crannies, there is no 100 percent assurance that your child won't experience the pain of falling.

But fret not since you have an option to bring your child to a chiropractor.  Apart from easing the physical stress brought about by your child's exploration and discovery, chiropractors can also help your child with the following:

People Engaging in Calming Activities like Reading, Meditation, and Drinking Herbal Tea for Better Sleep

1. Helps improve sleep. Stress and tensions from crawling, learning to walk, and running coupled with stumbling and falling can cause your child's sleep troubles. It is a fact that enough sleep is essential for your child's development and growth. So, a caring hand from a chiropractor will help your child get enough rest and sleep.

Parents and Caregivers Engaging Babies in Brain-Stimulating Activities like Reading and Playing

2. Helps the brain development of your baby. The treatment relieves stress and pressure from your child's bones, joints, and spine. Thus, aiding your child's neural development leads to better concentration, improved focus, and reduced hyperactivity. Some research shows that chiropractic helps ease conditions like ADHD, autism, and cerebral palsy, common neurodevelopmental disorders during childhood.

People Engaging in Healthy Habits like Eating Nutritious Foods, Regular Exercise, Adequate Sleep, and Meditation

3. Supports the immune system. Chiropractic care can help improve your child's immunity functions that would enable him to fight common colds and infections. Some researches even show that the treatment can help improve the digestive system of your child. Thus, easing problems on digestion, constipation, and acid reflux.

Children Engaged in Brain-Stimulating Activities like Educational Games, Physical Exercises, and Nature Exploration

4. Strengthens your child's nervous system. Correction and prevention of spine problems can help your child grow and develop not just in the correct way but also healthier. More so, the treatment can help your child prevent specific issues in the nervous systems. Your child's usual problems due to a poor nervous system are ear infections, asthma and other respiratory problems, and allergies. But with a visit to the chiropractor, pediatric chiropractic care will help target misaligned nerves.

Children Engaged in Structured Play, Mindfulness Exercises, Group Activities, and Consistent Routines"

5. Helps your child behave better. For some parents, tantrums and not-so-good behavior are mysteries that could not be solved. Parents tend to compensate for it by giving in to their child's demands, which could further the lousy behavior as your child grows. However, parents must understand that their child's behavior can be associated with stress or tensions that affect them both physically and emotionally. Lessening the tension and stress will help your child sleep better and have a better mood, too.

Now that you know some benefits of chiropractic treatment for your child, the perpetual question that nags every parent is, "Is it safe and effective?"

Understanding chiropractic for children 

Many countries, including the United States, have chiropractic modalities specifically for toddlers and young children. Some surveys and researches show that visits to a chiropractic clinic count to more than 68 million in 2009 alone. Just imagine the number of visits to the chiropractor clinic after 11 years.

Is your child's body different from that of adults? Your initial reaction would be, "Of course, their bodies are different," as it was an obvious thing. Hence, adults' chiropractic treatment would not work on babies since little children need proper handling and care.

More so, children have the same joints, the same bones, and nerves. However, theirs are just a little fragile, which is the primary reason they need special handling. So, bad cracking? Forget it. It will only work on adults. Your child needs a gentle manipulation that eases tension and relieves stress and does not add to it. Young children of school age need more care from the chiropractor than babies and toddlers. The reason for this is quite apparent - young children run more, walk more, and physically exert more, especially if they are involved in sports and other athletics. So, just like how chiropractors treat injuries from sports, your sporty little precious can benefit from the treatment as well.

Chiropractic helps treat chronic ear infections.

Chiropractor Gently Examining a Child's Ear to Treat Chronic Ear Infections in a Clinical Setting

Aside from treating sports injuries, a chronic ear infection is one of the most common reasons parents bring their children to a chiropractic clinic. Most, if not all, children go through this phase of getting and suffering from an ear infection. But how did this happen? Fluids are trapped in the middle ear cavity, which serves as a good breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.

A bad case of an ear infection may require antibacterial medications since the pain and discomfort from it can be unbearable for a young child. However, drugs won't be able to remedy and remove the trapped fluid in your child's middle ear.

Spasming of the Eustachian tubes' muscles leads to closing the tube opening that prevents the liquids from draining or coming out. With this, chiropractic care would help to relax the muscles to allow the fluids' natural draining.

Chiropractor Performing Spinal Adjustment on a Patient to Achieve Spinal Alignment

So, what can pediatric chiropractic do for your child? Just like how adults reap the benefits of chiropractic, your child will enjoy the help of this alternative modality as well. However, it is given that parents should look for chiropractors who are licensed and trained to handle chiropractors for children. It is to note that children have different needs for chiropractic treatment, which means that the chiropractor for your back cracking, and spine manipulation, may not be the best for your child.

Chiropractors for adults may not necessarily be the best for young children. In a nutshell, chiropractic treatment for children is safe and effective. Like how adults benefit from it, your child will surely enjoy the relaxing treatment to ease stress and tension.

More so, your child's body needs different handling and caring that could lead to better body and brain development. So, if you are looking for a trusted chiropractor for your child, Dr. Langgle is here to offer the best service. Book an appointment or visit the clinic today.

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