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Intersegmental Traction | DuPage County, IL

Help with Posture and Mobility
Intersegmental grip is a reliable chiropractic care therapy inducing passive motion in the spine to extend back joints while boosting mobility. It assists delicately as well as efficiently improve the proper range of movement to the spinal column in no time at all.
The Equipment
This chiropractic method makes use of an intersegmental grip table or roller tables, aiding clients in the relaxation process. These roll up and down the spine, completely massaging the disc spaces, supporting in between each vertebra to help them remain moisturized and healthy and balanced. Usually, the more stimulated your discs are, the much healthier you will feel-- and look.
The Benefits
The rollers in an intersegmental grip table fluctuate the spinal column, making you feel terrific, recovering your body, and offering other useful advantages. We utilize this approach to extend your spine's surrounding muscles, boosting the training of your spinal column.
Lie down and enjoy the many benefits of intersegmental traction, such as:
Improved Joint Motion
The roller table adds motion to all your spinal segments, improving overall joint movement and spinal function.
Reduces Inflammation
New spinal injuries are usually accompanied by edema and fluid buildup, leading to swelling. These roller tables can help reduce inflammation.
Enhanced Circulation
The approach increases oxygen and blood flow, crucial for healing.
Muscle Relaxation
It accelerates the recovery speed of a spinal injury by relaxing muscles and joints.
Disc Hydration
Traction helps circulate joint fluids, supplying discs nutrition while removing cellular wastes.
Passive Exercise
Intersegmental traction can restore the elasticity of your spine’s supporting muscles, similar to exercising.
Intersegmental traction sessions usually feel good and are fantastic for you.
At Prime Health And Wellness and Health, we constantly make use of trusted equipment, including the intersegmental grip table. It is among the best and also most reliable things for patients experiencing neck and back pain and various other bone and joint problems.

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