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Extremity Adjustment

Extremity adjustment involves manipulating extremity joints that instill motion within each joint, restoring optimal range of motion and function.

Our team is so great at adjusting your spine that the knowledge can be applied to other joints in your body. Extremity adjustment can work on every articulation of your skeletal system, including:
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One of the most common “repetitive strain” injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, leading to severe pain throughout your hand. Chiropractors can help you avoid surgery by identifying involved joints and providing a suitable program of chiropractic treatment.
Excess stress and teeth grinding can lead to spinal problems that cause temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), where the joints connecting your jaw and skull get damaged. Our team of skilled chiropractors can restore the proper nervous system control of all involved muscles and ligaments.
Most shoulder issues come from the area where the nerves branch from the spine and exit through the neck. Shoulder pain is often accompanied by numbness and weakness in the wrists or hands, and chiropractic care can help ease them.
Lateral epicondylitis or the infamous tennis elbow is an injury caused by repetitive movements afflicting a person’s dominant arm in most cases. An in-depth examination followed by appropriate chiropractic treatment has provided excellent results.
The pelvic girdle, consisting of your hips and spine, is the foundation of your spine, affecting nerves exiting the spinal column. Adjustments in the hips can ease pain related to the pelvic girdle, but most hip problems are often caused by malfunctioning joints above or below the pelvis.
Pronation is the most common foot problem, caused by weak arches that drop the foot’s bones to an unstable position. Extremity adjustments combined with custom shoe orthotics can improve one’s gait while stabilizing the entire skeletal system.
All-Natural Treatment
Although many health issues trace back to the spine, other joints of the body can also get involved. When our team uses precise chiropractic techniques, like extremity adjustment, you can guarantee the restoration and improvement of your range of motion while reducing inflammation, all done by hands—without any use of drugs nor surgery.